ⓒ Pietro Ruffo, Antropocene 4, 2022

Ink, oil and cutouts on paper laid on canvas, 124.5 x 158.5 cm

ⓒ courtesy of Pietro Ruffo

b.1978|Italy|based in Rome, Italy

ⓒ courtesy of Pietro Ruffo

b.1978|Italy|based in Rome, Italy 


Artist Quote

" Our selfishness has allowed us to use nature as we please. The term Anthropocene is nothing more than human-centered thinking looking at the geological era. We cause the end of mankind on Earth, but we are never powerful enough to cause the end of the Earth...  "

" 우리의 이기심은 자연을 우리가 원하는 대로 사용하게 하였다. 인류세라는 용어는 지질 시대를 바라보는 인간 중심적 사고에 지나지 않는다. 우리는 지구상에서 인류의 종말을 야기하지만, 결단코 지구의 종말을 초래할 만큼 강력하지는 않다… "

Pietro Ruffo's paintings, drawings and sculptural installations reflect his intense social and moral concerns. His work uses large "maps" tracing the cultural and military influence of the world's imperial powers. Technical drawing and geographical maps are elaborated further through freehand drawing; his installations embrace both highly technical materials and an intensely manual practice. 

피에트로 루포(Pietro Ruffo)의 그림, 드로잉, 조각 설치물은 그의 강렬한 사회적, 도덕적 관심을 반영합니다. 그의 작업은 세계 제국 세력의 문화적, 군사적 영향력을 추적하는 대형 "지도"를 사용합니다. 기술 도면과 지리적 지도는 자유형 도면을 통해 더욱 정교해집니다. 그의 설치물에는 고도로 기술적인 재료와 철저한 수작업이 모두 포함되어 있습니다.


Installation Views 




Architecture, University of Rome, Roma Tre, Italy

Solo Exhibition


The Planetary Garden ,Galleria Lorcan O'Neill 

Roma, Rome, Italy 


Anthropocene, DauLang Gallery, South Korea

Anthropocène, Galerie Italienne, Italy


The Politics of Stars ,NM Contemporary, Monaco, Monaco 

Galleria Lorcan O'Neill Roma, Rome, Italy

Group Exhibition


Le stelle di San Lorenzo, Gilda Lavia, Rome, Italy

Rara Avis, Curated by Jerry Stafford ,White Cube, Paris,France

Le ferrite di Roma, Mattia De Luca Gallery, Rome, Italy


The Other Works, Galleria Comunale d`Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy


The Other Works: Artists who Collect Artists ,Galleria 

Comunale d`Arte Moderna Roma ,Rome, Italy


Deutsche Bank Foundation, Germany

DEPART Foundation, Rome, Italy

Fondazione Barillari, Rome, Italy

Fondazione Giuliani, Rome, Italy

Fondazione Guastalla, Rome, Italy 

Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Rome, Italy

Hospital of Vladikavkaz, donation of Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Protezione Civile Italiana, Ossetia del Nord, Russia

Lodeveans Collection, London, UK

M.A.M.B.O. Museo d’arte moderna di Bologna, Bologna, Itlay

M.A.R. Museo d’arte della città di Ravenna, Ravenna, Italy

S.Volto di Gesù Church, Rome, Itlay



Research Fellowship, Columbia University, USA


New York Prize, The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy


Premio Cairo, Cairo Editore and Giorgio Mondadori Editore Prize, Italy


Related Exhibition in DauLang

Pietro Ruffo


2022. 12. 09 - 2023. 02. 18

2005     Architecture, University of Rome, Roma Tre, Italy