ⓒ Melike Kara, Jaf Tribe III, 2022, 

Oil stick and acrylic on canvas 205 × 185 (framed)

ⓒ courtesy of Melike Kara, 

photograph by Diana Pfammatter

b.1985|Germany| based in Cologne, Germany

ⓒ courtesy of Melike Kara, 

photograph by Diana Pfammatter

b.1985|Germany| based in Cologne, Germany


Artist Quote

" The starting point of my work is inspired by various Kurdish tapestry motifs in various regions and tribes. The ambiguity between abstraction and spheroidization is already working on this carpet. From that point on, the work tells its own story, which is now framed here. They look like two figures who are dismantled at the same time. "


" 내 작품의 출발점은 다양한 지역과 부족의 다양한 쿠르드 태피스트리 모티프에서 영감을 받았습니다. 추상화와 구상화 사이의 모호함은 이미 이 카펫에서 작동하고 있습니다. 그 시점부터 작품은 지금 여기에 짜여진 자신의 이야기를 전합니다. 그들은 동시에 해체된 두 인물처럼 보입니다. "

Melike Kara's works continues the artist’s exploration into combining Kurdish traditions, narratives, fates and ritual onto the canvas. In this series she further layersand abstracts tapestry motifs, echoing the sampling of weaving techniques and customs that various Kurdishtribes borrow from the range of countries theirforced migration covers. The act of appropriating, adapting, andhybridising signifies the flux of the Kurdish people and their relationship to visual cultures that are interlacedwith their own

멜리케 카라(Melike Kara)의 작품은 쿠르드족 전통, 서사, 운명 및 의식을 캔버스에 결합하는 예술가의 탐구를 계속합니다. 이 시리즈에서 그녀는 다양한 쿠르드족이 강제 이주한 국가에서 차용한 직조 기술과 관습의 샘플링을 반영하여 태피스트리 모티프를 추가로 레이어화하고 추상화합니다. 전유하고, 적응하고, 혼성화하는 행위는 쿠르드족의 흐름과 그들 자신의 시각 문화가 얽혀 있는 시각 문화와의 관계를 의미합니다.


Installation Views




Dusseldorf Art Academy (Rosemarie Trockel), Germany


Academy letter and Protégé

Solo Exhibition


Emine’s Garden, Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, St.Gallen, Swiss


llanding softly, Neue Galerie Gladbeck, Gladbeck, Germany

As above so below, Arcadia Missa, London, UK


HOW SHE SHAPES US, LC Queisser, Tbilisi, Georgia
Nothing Is Yours, Everything Is You, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany

Group Exhibition


Calling, Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen,                       Düsseldorf, Georgia

The yellow light at 6pm: Remembering, envisioning, sensing landscape, Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin, Georgia 


Is it morning for you yet?, 58th Carnegie International, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, USA
Power Centre, Daulang Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


Sweet Lies. Fiktionen der Zugehörigkeit, Ludwig Forum Aachen, Aachen, Georgia
58th October Salon, Belgrade Biennial 2020, Belgrade, Serbia

INCORPOREA 04, Basement Roma, Rome, Italy


Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

FRAC des Pays de la Loire, France

Yuz Museum, Shanghai, China

LACMA, Los Angeles, USA

Philara Collection, Cologne, Germany




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