ⓒ Jala Wahid, Let Me Breathe You In Before They All Do, Tastes Like Everybody’s Fighting for You, 2021, 

Resin, Fibreglass, 92 x 82 x 16 cm

ⓒ courtesy of Jala Wahid

b.1988|UK| based in London, UK

ⓒ courtesy of Jala Wahid

b.1988|UK| based in London, UK


Artist Quote

" How do you translate emotional charging and the private moments revealed here into works of art or exhibitions? A lot of acting, choreography, strategies, and intrigue appear in various research materials, and the emotional intentions behind decision making are what my work wants to implement. " 

" 감정적 충전과 여기에서 드러난 사적인 순간을 예술 작품이나 전시회로 어떻게 번역할 수 있을까요? 다양한 연구 자료에는 많은 연기, 안무, 전략 및 음모가 나타나며, 의사 결정 뒤에 숨은 감정적 의도는 내 작품이 구현하고 싶은 것입니다. "

Jala Wahid works across sculpture, video, installation and writing. She looks to the emotive and symbolic potential of materials, music and song in exploring the interregional and internal politics that have shaped Kurdistan and the implications this has from a diasporic perspective. She is interested in the complexities of nationalism within a stateless people, history and iconography, methods of archiving and existence, and Kurdish culture and politics as forms of self-preservation and defiance.

잘라 와히드(Jala Wahid)는 조각, 비디오, 설치 및 글쓰기 전반에 걸쳐 작업합니다. 그녀는 쿠르디스탄을 형성한 지역 간 및 내부 정치와 이것이 디아스포라 관점에서 갖는 의미를 탐구하면서 재료, 음악 및 노래의 감정적이고 상징적인 잠재력을 살펴봅니다. 그녀는 무국적 민족의 민족주의, 역사와 도상학, 보관 및 존재 방법, 자기 보존과 저항의 형태로서의 쿠르드족 문화와 정치의 복잡성에 관심이 있습니다.


Installation Views




Royal Academy Schools, Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK


BA Fine Art Goldsmiths, University of London, UK


B.S.C Physics, The University of Manchester, UK

Solo Exhibition


Conflagration, Tramway, Glasgow, UK

Metaphysical Reunification, SOPHIE TAPPEINER, Vienna, Austria

Mock Kings, Kunstverein Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany


Conflagration, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK

AFTERMATH, Niru Ratnam, London, UK 


Rock Fortress, CAS Batumi, Batumi, Germany

Group Exhibition


Phantom Sculpture, Mead Gallery, WarwickArtsCentre, Coventry, UK

BLINK. Trond Mohn Art Collection, Stavanger Art Museum, Stavanger, Norway

GHOSTING, M.1 Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung, Hohenlockstedt,Germany


Power Centre, DauLang Gallery, Seoul, South Korea


Breathing Under Water, Villa Kultur, Copenhagen, Denmark

ILLUMINATING, curated by Eva Fabbris, Giovanna 

Manzotti, LongLake Festival, Lugano, Swiss

Reconfigured, curated by Rose Easton, Timothy Taylor, New York, USA

Body Snatchers (The Church), Polignano a Mare, Italy






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Power Centre

2022. 07. 28 - 08. 24